What Is The Best Resume Writing Service in 2021

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№1 – CareersBooster.com

№2 – ResumesPlanet.com

best resume writing service
best resume writing service

Table of Contents

  1. The Best Resume Writing Services – Choice for Any Job Seeker
  2. Common Features of Top-Rated Resume Writing Services
  3. How We Choose The Top Resume Writing Services

It’s really hard to compete in today’s market. If you want to beat the competition and get the position you’ve always dreamed of, you need more than just great credentials and background. You also need an excellent resume that presents that data to the reader.

Most recruiters take seconds to skim a resume before they decide to throw it away or keep considering it. In around 6 seconds, you need to impress them. And seeing how only few are experienced in writing resumes, you definitely want to hire resume writers to cover this part of your application.

The best resume writing services online offer not only resume writing but a myriad of other services, too. Therefore, in your search for the top resume writing services, you need to consider many things.

Naturally, this will take plenty of your time, time that you should not spare when you’re looking for a job. This is why we have created the top resume review service. On our site, you’ll find the top resume reviews for the most qualified writers to take care of your application.

The Best Resume Writing Services – Choice for Any Job Seeker

Based on our very strict criteria, we have come up with two amazing choices we consider to be the best resume writing services on the web. So without further ado, we are presenting you with the top 2 best resume writing service reviews.


resume writing service

CareersBooster has proven itself to be the ideal company to tap into an applicant’s skills and potential and create a successful application. For several years now, job seekers consider this to be the best professional resume writing service.

The company owes its unmatched quality to its writers and customer support. They are known to deliver fully certified resume writer services, combined with rates that are suitable for any job seeker’s budget.

This type of cheap resume writing services make it easy, as well as truly necessary to get help with your job applications when your efforts don’t seem to be attracting any potential employers. Now, let’s take a look at why we’ve chosen this company to take part of our very short list of best resume companies.

Pros: If you have scoured the web a bit, maybe even tried a company or two, you know that it’s hard to find a service with premium quality and excellent writers. CareersBooster proves that this can happen. They rank first in many lists of top-rated resume writing services for several reasons that include: quality, additional free features, diverse discounts, timely delivery, and great support.

Cons: The prices here are not quite cheap, but that’s reasonable. CareersBooster is truly premium writing service and if you pay them, you can be sure you receive the best service.

Price Range: At CareersBooster.com, you can get a resume at as little as $155, discounts excluded. If you haven’t been ordering from them before, the quote is reduced by 15%. And, you can also pick between their highly discounted packages.

resume writing prices

Delivery: Most of the resume companies online take weeks to deliver the final resume to the client. Careers Booster promises to do this in 5 days but also offers to shorten that deadline to a minimum of 24 hours, which is impressive.

Contact: 1-888-468-0474


resume writing service

The ResumesPlanet deserves the title the best resume writing service 2021 because of their continuous quality and amazing rates. If you’ve been looking for the best cheap resume writing service that will meet your expectations and use your qualifications to impress all, this company is definitely a choice worth considering.

There is pretty much not a flaw on the website of the company but to everyone’s surprise, there doesn’t seem to be a flaw in their reputation, either. Some companies have tried to beat this competitor and take it off the market, but nothing vouches for a company more than its continued quality and excellent service.

Starting from effective resumes and ending with a great thank-you letter to follow up on the interview invitation, you can get all you need from a single source – this company. Resumesplanet.com is the greatest resume service out there, but they don’t just specialize in creating resumes and cover letters. Their list includes quite a big range of writing and editing services, as well as packages that you simply can’t afford to pick.

Pros: One of the biggest advantages of ResumesPlanet is that they have some of the best resume writers and very affordable prices. Their writers seem to be masters at making any job seeker a great candidate, even with the minimum experience or qualifications. They can turn a terrible resume into a great one, or make a new one from scratch for one of the best prices you will find today.

Cons: The only failure we could find about this company is that its fast-paced deliveries cost significantly more than the original, 5-day delivery timeframe. Still, you could wait five days and enjoy their great prices.

Price Range: This is probably one of the most attractive things aside from the quality of ResumesPlanet – it is very affordable. If you go on their site or reach out, you can use this top resume writing service for a price that begins at $79 for a resume. Or, you can pick one of their many packages and get a hefty discount.

resume writing prices

Delivery: Speaking of delivery time, your options here start from only 24 hours. This is the highest-priced option but considering that most companies take a week to give you the first draft, it’s amazing to find a service that works so fast. Your remaining options are 2, 3, and the original offer – 5 days for delivery.

Contact: 1-888-449-2690

Common Features of Top-Rated Resume Writing Services

We have really big criteria, so it’s not easy for a service to get on this list. The companies that we call the best online resume writing service need to have three common features: quality, affordability, and availability. These are essential for a service that offers to help you land a great job.

You Need the Best Resume Writing Service

If you hire anything less, you’ll get a resume that will probably make you miss out on some excellent opportunities. Landing a great job is a big accomplishment, and an average resume can cost you a great potential career. This is why you need the best of the best.

How We Choose The Top Resume Writing Services

To determine what the top resume companies out there are, we look at literally everything. We check the company’s reputation, its pricing, features, writers, and even the support service. Essentially, we make an order for a resume or a package there to see if their reputation precedes them. When a company meets all the expectations we have set for it, we are certain that it is the right service for job seekers. Now, this is an extremely long list that they have to fulfill to deserve a spot in our top-rated list.

To us and to job seekers, the best choice of resume service is the one that includes the following:

  • Adherence to the deadline you agree too;
  • Several deadline options that don’t make you wait for too long;
  • Qualified resume writers who know what they are doing;
  • Prices that are suitable for a job seeker’s budget and worth the quality delivered;
  • Customer support that you can reach when you need them;
  • Guarantees that will ensure that you’ll land an interview and get a revision if necessary;
  • Absolute privacy and security of your personal information and banking details.

The Best Resume Writers Are Waiting For You

We’ve shown you our amazing results for the two top choices for 2021, so all that’s left for you now is to make your final choice. It can be hard to pick between two highly rated companies, especially since our selection also takes pricing into consideration.

Check out the websites to make your choice and ensure that you provide the writers with all your data to help them in creating an excellent resume for you. And you are welcome to share in the comments below about your experience with these companies. Good luck with your job search!

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  1. Perfect for jobseekers

    Luckily, when I needed a solid resume, I found a CareersBooster. They highlighted my soft and hard skills in a way that made a dozen HR pros call me. I am happy with my new job and thankful for their help.

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