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Essay Typer is not a platform where you can hire writers from different backgrounds to complete academic papers. Instead, here you will only get access to a few tools that will help you to write your own essays or research papers. The main problem with Essay Typer is that the resources you will receive often contain plagiarized content. You need to be extremely careful using this website.

1. How Essay Typer Works?

EssayTyper has an extremely simple and basic website. You cannot find any valuable information, only one single link that will take you to some of the tools available. On the home page, you will get access to a tab where you can enter the type of essay that you need. For example, you can type “American Civil War”. Then, you need to click on the “write” button and the program will redirect you to some online resources.

We were completely disappointed by this software available at EssayTyper. We entered a topic, and then when we clicked on “write” we were taken to an empty file that looked like a Word document. It did not contain any helpful resources, only a title that was not even high quality. In our opinion, EssayTyper is not at all useful for building a good and reliable essay.

You should regard even lower than any search engine. The available search engines online are much more helpful for getting access to thousands of high authority links and studies.

2. Types of Writings Essay Typer Offers

At you can enter any type of title/topic that you need help with. These include:

  • American History
  • American Literature
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Social Sciences

This is an extremely unbiased and honest Essay Typer Review. This is why we can clearly tell you that no matter what title or topic you enter here, you will not receive any reliable help. It is much better if you start researching on your own and write your paper using your own tools. If you cannot do that our suggestion is to hire professional help in the form of a reliable writing service. Trust this EssayTyper Review because it is performed by highly skilled experts.

3. Prices and Discounts

Given the fact this is not a regular writing company, this essay helper platform does not enlist any prices or discounts available. You can still use the platform up to a certain point, but you will not find out anything about the prices charged or the discounts offered. Only a top reputable essay writer company will tell you the exact cost of your paper even before you place your order. Such platforms also have some amazing discounts and special deals.

4. Quality and Guarantees

In our review, we can disclose to you that the overall quality of this essay generator is very low. The platform does not offer any valuable help to students. What they offer are links, resources, and texts that are plagiarized and not written from scratch by an expert writer.

In fact, many Essay Typer reviews discuss the fact that students were unable to use the essays generated here in the classroom. These essays contained very poor quality content and content that included plagiarism.

5. Customer Support

Customer support is not available at this assignment generator platform. You cannot talk to anyone and you cannot ask even one question. Normally, you should be able to contact customer support where friendly experts will help you with everything you need. Here, you just need to use the site as you can without any kind of help.

Most available EssayTyper reviews also contain complaints regarding the fact that there is no customer support available on this website.

6. Additional Features

This is one of those websites that write papers for you for free. Honestly, this is not a reliable resource or a platform that helps you write indeed a good paper. They advertise themselves as being good and reliable but they are not. We cannot even discuss here any types of additional features such as free title pages, bonuses or other extras. The entire platform is extremely simplistic, and you cannot even use it as an essay rewriter.

We wanted to see here at least an essay checker function, where you run your essay through a program and you will find out if it contains plagiarism. There are no such helpful tools available here.


After performing such an in-depth review, we consider this platform is not suitable for professional and qualified essay writing help. You can learn fast how to use essay typer, but you will soon find out it cannot help you with any of your important essays, research papers or term papers. Top reasons to stay away from this platform:

  1. What is Essay Typer? This is not an essay writing company so you cannot get reliable help.
  2. They do not have customer support- nobody will answer any of your questions.
  3. There are absolutely no samples that you can check out for your reference.
  4. The platform only gives you access to online sources that are not always high authority.
  5. There is very little information available on the site. You cannot read even about how the entire essay helper works.

We highly recommend that you should invest quality time into research and find some reliable help. You can find plenty of good writing services at affordable prices.


  1. Customer service on vacation

    This should be the worst essay website I have seen online. There is no one to reach out to for help. It seems they do not have customer service.

  2. Complete waste of time!

    I couldn’t believe how disappointed I was using EssayTyper. I used their link to generate an essay only to get what I can call a complete waste of time. The generated essay was not relevant to the еopic.

  3. The website is confusing.

    There is no adequate information about their services. If you do not want to be frustrated, then you should not try ordering on this website.

  4. Strange website

    I needed some essay help and came to the EssayTyper website. I tried to use it for writing, but have not got anything worth attention from it. I would instead recommend writing papers in Microsoft Word.

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