Grabmyessay Review
2.4 / 10 points

Grabmyessay is a service that students call when they can’t write one or more of their academic papers. Yes, you are right, this is yet another in that huge number of writing companies that offer to make your life much easier. But, if you know at least a bit about ordering online, you know that not everything is as great as it looks.

How much this really works with Grabmyessay and what you can expect from them, you can read in our Grabmyessay review.

1. How Works

The system of Grabmyessay is pretty simple and used by most companies of this kind. For this review, we went through the entire ordeal of getting a paper written by one of their writers. One of the reasons for this was to check how the service works.

Their system is simple and fast. You place an order, they process it and select a writer, and you get the finished piece when the writer says it is done. It’s as simple as that. Now, if you don’t like something about it, you can hand the paper back to their support agents for a revision, or ask for a refund. Below you’ll learn if that option works well or not.

2. Types of Writings Grab My Essay Offers

Judged by the information on the site, this list is enormous. Despite the rather confusing website design and the piled up information you’ll find there, checking out their list of writings is easy. However, the Grabmyessay reviews we read gave us the impression that the quality isn’t always good, especially with the more complicated papers.

For the company to actually be able to write all those paper in the list, they must have an experienced Grabmyessay writer for everything, and many of these. When we see such lists, we assume that the service works with a grand number of different writers. Still, the best way to see if this is the actual case and whether the service created the list with care, is to check the quality their writers provide. Read on.

3. Prices and Discounts

The next part of this Grab My Essay review is evaluating their rates and discounts.

This is very important to customers considering that they are mostly students. With that in mind, a good company should set an affordable pricing system for their customers. This one has actually done it. Their lowest rate for a single essay page is $14.99 within two weeks, which is considerably affordable when compared to other companies.

There are also discounts that include the first-time offer of 15%, as well as the loyalty offers that once again can reach this same percentage.

If this were a company known for quality, the rates would be perfectly suitable for the services rendered. However, seeing how low the reputation of Grabmyessay is at this point, it is safe to say that these rates simply aren’t worth it.

4. Quality and Guarantees

We’ve already mentioned the issues with the quality, so now is the time to get a bit deeper into the matter. The answer to the question ’Is Grabmyessay good’ is negative. Most of the available reviews we came across spoke of poor quality in the following sense.

Firstly, students spoke of plagiarized papers, which is never good news. Secondly, they all mention mistakes and non-native writers working in the company, which once again suggests that this service isn’t what it presents itself to be. Finally, some say that the guarantees exist, but no one really follow up on them when the writers do a poor job with the papers.

5. Customer Support

The quality might not be the worst thing about the company after all. It seems like there’s something more judged than plagiarism and mistakes by their customers – the support service. When we checked how reliable is Grabmyessay online, we came across many, many comments that spoke of the bad customer support service.

These complaints were mostly related to the politeness and professionalism of the support service, as well as their behavior when students asked for revisions or refunds.

6. Additional Features

Some of the extra paid features here include the option to choose a writer for the paper (20%+ of the total amount you spend on the paper), as well as the option to choose a UK writer (10%+ of the total amount you spend on the paper).

There are no other extra features you can pay for. However, some of the Grab my essay reviews we read spoke of additional charges that came up when they proceeded to complete an order, so if you do choose to order, we urge you to be careful during the order completion process.


  1. 15% first-time discount.
  2. Average prices for content.
  3. Poor reputation in customers’ reviews.
  4. Live, but poorly responsive customer service.