MyPerfectWords review
2.7 / 10 points

With a “limited time offer” for 50% discount, this company sure looks as an attractive choice for students who want to order papers online. We got several requests for My Perfect Words reviews, so we decided to check what the team is up to. We conducted a thorough analysis of the website, and we ordered an essay to see if MyPerfectWords deserves a student’s attention.

The 50% discount offer is a trick. They doubled the prices, so the “discounted” quotes are what you usually get from other sites.

1. How MyPerfectWords Works

The company follows the standard model of writing services. As a customer, you’ll need to complete an order form with all the info about your paper. You can indicate the type of paper, deadline, and other important parameters for your order. Then, the company will assign you a writer, who is supposed to complete the content by your deadline. You get the document in your inbox.

Although there’s a promise for U.S. writers who are native speakers, that’s not the case. We got several MyPerfectWords reviews from our readers, saying that their content had grammar and syntax issues. Our experience confirmed that suspicion. 

2. Types of Writings My Perfect Words Offers offers a vast range of papers and assignments. The team made sure to include all types of content in the offer, so students can find whatever they need. Briefly, these are the categories of content you can get:

  • Papers of all levels: admission essay, application letter, analytical essay, biography, book review/report, business plan, coursework, case study, exposition writing, dissertation, thesis, and many other types of content for students.
  • Assignments: quiz, PowerPoint presentation, lab report, homework, and a few other types of assignments.
  • eBooks, creative writing, news release, speech, and other types of content that aren’t necessarily limited to students.

We noticed that the list lacks programming assignments, statistics assignments, and a few other types of coursework that students need.

Keep in mind that the writers might not be qualified to complete everything that’s offered on the website. Our experience showed that the authors are randomly assigned, and they don’t have previous knowledge on the topic.

3. Prices and Discounts

This is the most important part of our My Perfect Words review: is the service cost-effective? When you see the 50% discount offer on the home page, it sure gives you hope that you’re getting great work for a low price. Are you?

The price is not as low as it seems. The standard prices are set from $30 to $100 for an essay with deadlines ranging from 8+ days to 12 hours. Those are exaggerated prices, which are double the cost of premium websites. When you hit them on 50%, you get quotes from $15 to $50 per page. Those are standard prices for most other services, but they give you discounts on them. With My Perfect Words, you end up paying more.

4. Quality and Guarantees

If you’re paying for papers, you expect to hire the top essay writing service and get high-quality results with no issues. Does this website qualify in that description? We ordered a 3-page essay with a deadline of 2 days, and we paid for Master quality. The paper was disappointing, to say the least.

The writer had no idea how to tackle the topic. They took a few facts from Wikipedia, and the rest of the content was mere fillers.

The company is supposed to offer free revisions if you’re not happy with the quality. We asked for amendments, but apparently, guarantees mean nothing for this team. They ignored that request. They also guarantee proper grammar and unique content, but the paper lacked those elements, too. The content was obviously paraphrased from Wikipedia, of all things. There were grammar issues as well, so it’s safe to assume that the writers are not native English speakers.

5. Customer Support

The customer service center at this website does nothing. We got that impression when we were going through students’ reviews. Most customers complain about the lack of attention they get when trying to reach an agent. Our experience was the same.

No one responded to our requests for amendments. That’s an indicator that MyPerfectWords is a scam service, which students should stay away from.

The customer support center is the foundation of an efficient service. When you can’t communicate with the team, it’s impossible to get exactly what you need.

6. Additional Features

Are there any free features or paid add-ons that could add a positive note to our review? Well, there’s a blog with free guides on how to write. However, most of the articles include generic guidelines without real tips that would help you complete a paper. It is evident that this content was completed with the purpose of search engine optimization. It’s full of keywords and fillers, but there’s no real value for the reader.

The samples don’t work, either. There are a few interesting topics for different types of assignments, but the content doesn’t make sense. It’s similar to the paper we got: paraphrased paragraphs with no logical flow.


Let’s sum up our MyPerfectWords review with the most important conclusions:

  • The standard prices are exaggerated, so there’s no real discount;
  • The quality is not good enough for students who aim for high grades;
  • The customer support center is useless;
  • The team doesn’t stay true to guarantees;
  • Too much useless content and bad samples on the website.

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